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Depilation with wax or sugar paste

The paste is applied against the direction of hair growth. It is then thoroughly inserted into the skin and the hair is then pulled down the direction of growth.

After tearing, the new hairs are smoother and thinner, with their long-term use decreasing. Common application not only reliably and gently removes hair, but also dead cells from the surface of the skin, leaving it smooth, clean and flatter. 

After depilation, skin is treated with disinfectant solution and moisturizing body lotion, which is of plant origin and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.

What to do after depilation?

After depilation, you need to take a few steps to prevent. As soon as the small red bumps appear on your skin, know that it is time to take care after depilation. The buds are caused by the growth of hairs that are trapped under the old skin cells. For thorough removal of dead skin cells, start daily using the brush or sponge used for washing. In addition, it recommends creams or gels containing lactic acid, which contribute to the removal of dead skin cells. Most people from the overgrowth can easily help with a peeling cream, once or twice a week. If you find that a part of the body is more prone to redhearted, use a super soft soft toothbrush brush and loosen the hidden hairs with circular movements. This removes the old skin and the hairs get better to the surface.


How often do you go to depilation?

The first depilation can be very painful, but the good news is that the hairs then grow softer and easier to pull. The more you experience depilation, the easier it is and the less painful. In order to minimize pain, go back to the studio once the hair grows to the size of the rice. The visit interval is very individual. It depends on how fast the hair grows. Most women have a few weeks of depilation. So book an appointment in the salon or get a depilation wax home and enjoy a smooth skin throughout the summer!