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Prolongation and thickening of algae using the kelp method

This special method consists in applying synthetic algae of different lengths to the individual natural algae of the client using a special adhesive that creates a very durable, flexible and invisible connection. Apply one algae a second to your lashes. Each of your kelp will have a natural look - it will be soft, light and beautifully blend with your natural kelp.

The lashes last for 3-5 weeks depending on how quickly your own lashes fall off. Approximately 70% of clients are going every four weeks.

EXTRA VOLUME extension with 3D to 8D

Ultra thin and extra light algae.

Thanks to a specially developed method, you achieve the amazing volume and perfectly natural appearance of your eyelashes. 

The method also extends the lower lashes in a very natural way. Frame your look with the perfect and bottom algae!