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Instrument pedicure

The dry instrument pedicure is a professional foot care, especially nails and skin trained personnel, which uses special high-speed machines with milling machines to handle. This method of pedicure, if practiced by trained personnel, is extremely gentle, very effective and suitable for risk groups of the population, diabetic practitioners. Practicing with professional equipment is more careful, more gentle and practically irreplaceable when dealing with overgrowth nails.

What is the pedicure used for:

·          For nail care, especially for shaping

·          For treatment of problems with nail nails, deformed nails

·          For the treatment of bruises, mozzles, rhizomes and corns

· It is suitable for diabetic patients

Dry manicure

The most common form of manicure that most women use today at home or at their manicure

It's a fairly simple way to keep your nails beautiful and healthy.               


First, adjust the shape of all nails to the same length, always taking into account the shortest nail. Then comes the care of the cuticle around the nails. Even though the excess skin has been cut off, today it tends to push it rather harder to prevent it. After this treatment, the skin is further softened with a nutritious oil. Very often the manicurists end the process of dry manicure by painting the nails. For better protection, a special, colorless paint is applied in most cases. The choice of varnish is dependent on nail type. Lacquer adds not only a nice gloss but also nutrition and care. 

The process of dry manicure can be followed by other, more perfect ways of nail care. Whether it's plain varnishing,  P-Shine whether nail art or decorating nails. The simplest and most popular decoration is the French manicure. 

Performing manicures today is particularly common among women in cosmetic surgery. Beautiful, clean and healthy nails are an important complement to our look. Their benefits, however, have been discovered by man's manicure.