Eyelash extensions

Lengthening and strengthening of eyelashes by the eyelash-to-eyelash method This special method consists in applying synthetic algae of various lengths to individual natural lashes of the client using a special glue, which creates a very durable, flexible and invisible connection. We apply one lash after another to your lashes. Each of your lashes will have a natural look - it will be soft, light and blend beautifully with your natural lash.

The lashes last 3-5 weeks depending on how fast your lashes fall out. About 70% of clients go once every four weeks.

Eyelash extension EXTRA VOLUME by 3D to 8D method Ultra thin and extra light lashes. Thanks to the specially developed method, you will achieve amazing volume and a perfectly natural appearance of eyelashes.

  • Eyelash extension 1D1000 CZK
  • Eyelash extension 2D1.200 CZK
  • Eyelash extension 3D1.400 CZK
  • Eyelash extension 5D1.800 CZK
  • Removal of false eyelashes200 CZK
  • Replenishment from 500 - 900 CZK
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