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Relaxing massage:

Relaxing massage is slower and quieter than a sports massage based on classical massage. It allows us to fully relax and thus allow a better effect on the muscles and tissues. Blood is then more rapidly removing harmful substances from the body and improving the metabolism of the body. During the massage, substances present in the body, such as acetylcholine and histamine, which activate the blood capillary

Pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, aromatic essential oils will help you to relax the body and mind more. If you have any allergies, I need to say this in advance, some herbal and non-fat essences can trigger an allergic reaction. Most often, the neck is massaged and the entire back is fully assembled, plus a head or foot massage

When to go for a relaxing massage

  1. physical and mental fatigue
  2. at high body load and stress
  3. in headaches
  4. muscle stiffness
  5. insomnia

When, on the contrary, it is not appropriate to go for a massage

  1. for acute illness of the organism (fever, flu, cold, cough ...)
  2. nausea, just after meals, if you drink alcohol
  3. in the case of skin disease

Coconut Peeling Coconut Massage: 

This natural-smelling coconut massage nourishes your skin, leaves it warmer, more flexible and clearer

Coconut massage is a complex regenerative care of the whole body, combined with oil massage, which I use with high quality coconut oil.Part of the massage is a special coconut peeling , for which I use coconut meal and coconut oil. Peeling removes dead skin from the skin and bleeds the skin. It also rejuvenates the skin, accelerates the construction of new healthy tissue, nourishes and deeply hydrates. Your skin will soften velvety and enjoy the fragrance of coconut

Coconut oil has a high content of natural antioxidants and vitamins (A, C, E) that nourish the skin. It has deep moisturizing properties. It is also highly effective in healing and removing scars, pigment spots and wrinkles

Relaxing coconut massage calms your psyche, works against fatigue, invigorates your body and relieves stress. The massage regenerates your tired body, relaxing from nervous and muscular tension

When it is not advisable to go to a coconut massage:

  1. in the case of coconut allergies
  2. in varicose veins
  3. in acute and inflammatory diseases (fever, cold, flu, cough ..)


Sports massage:

  • Preparatory sports massage - prepares athletes for maximum performance, massage aims to strengthen and strengthen physical and mental fitness, focuses mainly on the body parts that are most important for the sport
  • Relaxing sports massage - speeds up body regeneration after exercise, reduces fatigue, spills out muscle
  • Therapeutic sports massage - this type is done after an accident or an operation to reduce the convalescence time. It helps the body relax muscle tension, stretching the tendons and muscles

Most often massage:

  1. Full back massage
  2. Massage complete back, neck, upper limbs and head
  3. Full back and lower limb massage
  4. Massage complete back, legs - front and back of thighs and walk

When to go for a sports massage

  1. during sports, before and after exercise
  2. muscle tension and muscle problems
  3. for body pains

When it is not advisable to go for a sports massage

  1. in acute illness (influenza, fever, cough, runny nose, etc.)
  2. in infectious and skin diseases
  3. in inflammatory and oncological diseases
  4. in blood clotting disorders
  5. after meals and after ingestion of alcohol