Manicure and pedicure

Performing manicures and pedicures are now common cosmetic procedures, especially for women. Beautiful, clean and healthy nails are an important addition to our appearance. However, men also began to discover their benefits through men's manicures. Our nail specialist Lidia uses only the best materials, the latest and most gentle methods for adjusting your nails. The priority of our studio is a personal approach to each client and we will be happy to advise you on each visit.


  • Combined manicure 490 CZK
  • Manicure and varnish application 540 CZK
  • Combined manicure and gel polish application740 CZK
  • Japanese manicure700 CZK
  • Striplak + manicure740 CZK
  • Varnished gel polish100 CZK
  • French gel polish/ombre+200 CZK
  • Designfrom 50 CZK


  • Gel nailsfrom 1100 CZK
  • Replenishment of gel nailsfrom 990 CZK
  • French nails200 CZK
  • Removal of artificial nails300 CZK
  • Paraffin wrap300 CZK


  • Combined pedicure (instrument + wet)690 CZK
  • Combined pedicure and nail polish790 CZK
  • Combined pedicure and gel polish application990 CZK
  • French gel polish+150 CZK
  • Design+100 CZK
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